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The CTELL-L list is for members of the research teams at UConn, UGA, Vanderbilt, and UIC to discuss design, development, and evaluation issues.
The CTELL_PROFESSOR_LIST_INSTRUCTION-L list is for instructors who are using the cases and members of the research teams at UConn, UGA, Vanderbilt, and UIC to discuss instructional use of the cases in university classrooms.
Directions for joining, leaving, and posting to either the CTELL-L Research Group or the CTELL_PROFESSOR_LIST_INSTRUCTION-L list
  • To join or leave the CTELL-L or the CTELL_PROFESSOR_LIST_INSTRUCTION-L list:
    • Address your e-mail to laurie.henry@uconn.edu
    • To join either list, you will need to attach or include a request from one of the Co-PI's on our research project: Don Leu, Chuck Kinzer, Bill Teale, or Linda Labbo. This note should indicate why you need to be a member of the list (ex. Sue Smith, is a new GA at UIC)
    • In the subject of your message indicate what your intentions are (ex. Joe Smith leaving ctell-l list, or Sarah Smith joining ctell-l list)
    • In the text of your message include:
      • Your name
      • Your E-mail
      • Whether your joining or leaving
      • Which list your interested in 
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